Energy Business Coaching for purpose seekers

The Seed Program is an empowering and transformative development path that serves as a nurturing space for individuals seeking to discover their life missions and build fulfilling careers aligned with their values.

Participants will embark on a profound self-discovery process, gaining clarity about their unique gifts, passions, and “why.” Through the guidance of the experienced coach, they will learn to cultivate their inner wisdom, align their actions with their values, and unlock their full potential.

Who will benefit

The Seed Program is made for professionals in various career development stages who need realignment with their inner values, struggle with burnout, feel unsatisfied and blocked, or seek guidance in building a purpose-driven business.
The Seed Program would be the right choice for you if you:

About Seed Program

Participants will gain valuable guidance and tools to navigate the intersection of personal fulfillment and business success and establish a strong foundation based on authenticity and purpose.
The program contains:

What is Energy Business Coaching?

Energy Business Coaching is a unique type of guidance that combines the principles of Energy work with business strategies. This approach helps entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success and fulfillment in their professional lives with natural ease.

The right path for you

Energy Business Coaching lets you choose among three alternative paths depending on what you need at that moment of your career and your personal challenges. Discover other options or just leave the decision until the first counseling where the Coach will advise you.


Path for leaders and their teams


Package for owners and top management