Energy Business Coaching for seasoned managers

Like everyone, you are already a very important person – but what’s more, in a very important moment in your career. You have been working on your personal capacities and resources for a while and now you feel ready to fly higher and achieve more. You need the impulse to act.

The job to be done is to audit your goals and plans to check if your energy goes in the right direction, in line with your deeper values and dreams. Also, we will master your habits and spiritual routines to ensure you won’t burn out.

Who will benefit

The VIP in Bloom path has been designed for people who want to challenge the status quo and have already started their energetical work and are committed to growing in a sustainable and long-term way.
The VIP in Bloom path would be the right choice for you if you:

About VIP in Bloom path

The VIP in Bloom is the most extensive career development option among the Energy Business Coaching packages. It offers exclusively a wide variety of supporting tools to let you tackle even complex challenges effectively.
The program contains:

What is Energy Business Coaching?

Energy Business Coaching is a unique type of guidance that combines the principles of Energy work with business strategies. This approach helps entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success and fulfillment in their professional lives with natural ease.

The right path for you

Energy Business Coaching lets you choose among three alternative paths depending on what you need at that moment of your career and your personal challenges. Discover other options or just leave the decision until the first counseling where the Coach will advise you.


Individual program to elevate career path


Path for leaders and their teams