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Paulina Kulikowska

Paulina is the founder of Healing Institute and a holistic therapist with over 10 years of experience in therapeutic work. She is an MA in Clinical Psychology, a certified yoga teacher (600hr Accredited Yoga Alliance and 200hr Kuundalini Training) and a SPA&Wellness Therapist.

Her practice integrates Eastern and Western knowledge, which she uses to explain complex esoteric concepts in an accessible way. Having studied with teachers from around the world, she has worked with a wide range of tools (from power plants, yoga, psychology and biomorphic field work) to create a method that integrates the most effective techniques for awakening and release.

She leads meditations, workshops, ceremonies and works 1-on-1 as a holistic therapist, using a wide range of tools including touch and energy work. She places great emphasis on working with the body and releasing through the body.

Gosia Kaczmarek

A graduate of the Healing Academy, she has been practicing yoga for years and actively participates in development workshops and energy work(including Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System).

She specialises in working with pendulums, both in home and office spaces (finding watercourses and harmonious space alignment) and human energy systems (aligning auras and chakra work).

She performs wonderful energy massages and massages with facial care, she is a cosmetologist by training.
One of Gosia’s most developed gifts is clairvoyance.

Zuzanna Bokłaga

Zuzanna is a graduate of Healing Academy. She is a yoga and meditation practitioner for years and has completed a yoga teacher course in India (YTTC 200h).

In her healing practice, Zuzanna is looking for mastering the subject of living in accordane with life’s purpose and fulfilling the dreams. Thanks to energy healing practices combined with astrology she helps to find the patterns and understand the current situation and possible outcomes.

Zuzanna believes that the more we know our inner self the more conscious impact we can have on the outside world. Zuzanna is working in Polish, English and Spanish.