Join our nine-month Healing Academy program, which will start on 18.11.2023.

The application process is now OPEN.

I would like to invite anyone interested in personal and professional development to take part in the Healing Academy’s 150-hour online training course.

We will explore and uncover further levels of consciousness, mental climates, hidden assumptions, memories and body states that create our and our subjects’ reality.

Why join?

If the answer is YES, this course is for you!

What will you learn?

What will you gain?

As well as practical knowledge, new skills and a supportive community, Academy Graduates will receive a Healing Academy certificate (as further education for YT) and Healing Academy Poland accreditation and after additional training you will have the opportunity to be listed on the HA website as a recommended person to work as an energy therapist.

Price of training

The cost of the program, which consists of 9 modules, is 1888 euros in one payment. 

There is an option for payment in 3 installments of 699 Euro.

More details available on the Online Platform of the Institute.


Please send your application to hello@healinginstitute.eu

You are cordially invited

Paulina Kulikowska

and the Healing Institute team