Get on the fast track to abundance while staying aligned with your values, purpose and vision.

What is Energy Business Coaching?

Energy Business Coaching is a unique type of guidance that combines the principles of energy work with business strategies. This approach helps entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success and fulfillment in their professional lives with natural ease.

Designed by Paulina Kulikowska from the Healing Institute, this exclusive program gives you a holistic approach to successful business growth and self-development. You will focus on abundance through both financial prosperity and personal fulfillment while standing by your values, purpose, and spiritual beliefs.

Who is invited to join

Benefits of Energy Business Coaching

Clarity and focus on your goals

Energy Business Coaching will help you find and specify your goals, priorities, and values. By using energy practices and techniques, you will gain a deeper understanding of your true purpose and align your business strategies with their personal values.

Creativity and self-confidence boost

Growth in your self-awareness and creativity comes naturally as a result of gaining clarity on your goals and objectives. Tap into your innate creativity and intuition, enabling you to approach business challenges and opportunities from a higher, more innovative and inspired perspective.

Finding your ‘why’

Your coach will help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs or fears that may create energy blockers and hold you back from success. With provided support and accountability you will start operating from a different level of self-awareness and achieve your desired outcomes easier.

Improved decision-making

By developing inner clarity and understanding of your mission, you will start to make more informed and strategic decisions aligned with your values, purpose and goals. You will learn how to work with your intuition and find the right answers with your own wisdom.

Greater resilience

Energy Business Coaching will stimulate you to expand greater resilience and adaptability to the outer changes. You will get a set of tools and techniques to let you navigate through challenges and setbacks with greater ease and confidence.

Building value to the world

The easiest way to experience deep satisfaction and a sense of purpose leads through the value you bring to others. Learn more about ethical business practices, social responsibility, and how to create a positive impact in the world through your business and personal missions.

Work-life balance

In this program, we emphasize the importance of balancing work and personal life and encourage you to integrate energy practices into your daily routines. This approach will help you manage stress, increase productivity, and enhance overall well-being, which is our goal to achieve in the process.

Inner harmony

With the help of a dedicated experienced coach, you will align professional work with your core values and learn how to add energy practices to your daily habits to effectively develop your business strategy.

How the Energy Business Coaching works

The program comes in three alternative paths to let you fully address your specific goals and needs.


Individual program to elevate career path


Path for leaders and their teams


Package for owners and top management
Every package covers the necessary tools and specialized support to ensure you go through the program smoothly and with the biggest benefit for your growth.

Individual tools

Our experts will select and personalize energy work techniques that you will incorporate into your routines during the process and in your later work. These may include mindfulness, diet requirements, exercises, meditation, visualizations, and more advanced methods when you are ready.

Experienced coach support

You will be guided by the most experienced coach in the Healing Institute and the program designer, Paulina Kulikowska, who will lead you through the self-discovery process and prepare an individual blueprint of your business and spiritual strategies.

The first Energy coaching for professionals on the market

Proven methodology

The Energy Business Coaching is based on years of experience in Holistic Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation, but also entrepreneurship, collaboration with top managers, building financial freedom, and networking with business mentors. This powerful combination lets Paulina Kulikowska effectively guide you to achieve the deepest level of transformation and rebuild the path to your desired career.

Real transformation

It is much more than just setting goals and working on motivation to achieve them. It’s a journey of inner exploration that uncovers why it’s been so difficult to make changes in your life, what deep-seated beliefs are hindering you from being yourself, and what’s really holding you back from evolving. It allows you to unfold the deepest layers of resistance to pave the way for the real you.

Tailored for you

Your path is unique. That’s why the content and the structure of the program will be adapted to your individual needs, career focus, personal challenges, and life experience. During our journey, we will discover your inner blockers and beliefs, and we will also review – or even redesign – your goals and vision. The coaching formula gives space for flexibility and adjustment to your progress.

Integrated approach

Energy Business Coaching offers a holistic approach to business growth and development that focuses not only on personal fulfillment and financial success but also on ethical practices and social responsibility. Building sustainable and satisfactory abundance must go together with the common good and true value exchange.

About the coach

Paulina Kulikowska is the founder of Healing Institute and a holistic therapist with over 15 years of experience in therapeutic work. She holds MA in Clinical Psychology and is a certified yoga teacher (600hr Accredited Yoga Alliance and 200hr Kundalini Training).

She works all over the world with individuals and groups for over 13 years, running hundreds of workshops, yoga and meditation sessions, and 1-on-1 sessions. She has taught in Poland, Japan, Indonesia (Bali), India, the UK, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.

In the Healing Institute, she trains therapists and supervises their sessions. She also leads individual coaching with her Clients and offers group programs oriented to relationships with money and building abundance. Her work focus is to guide the people she works with through the most holistic and comprehensive way of awakening, extracting, and expanding their potential, including professional goals.

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