Healing Academy is a therapeutic space where you will learn methods to work with energy, mind and emotions.

At the Healing Academy you will learn to work with subconscious emotional, mental and energetic patterns. This will give you the opportunity to transcend the personal self. This in turn opens the door to experiencing yourself through the lens of unconditional love, what we call “Awakening”.

This leads to radically improved well-being, choices made in harmony with oneself, one’s self and improved flow of life energy.

This work integrates elements of the philosophies and techniques of Yoga and meditation, Transpersonal Psychology, the Biomorphic Field, Shamanic Techniques and Emotional Release – all in the spirit of forgiveness and unconditional love.

In the Healing Academy you will learn a wide spectrum of tools that support the expansion and change of consciousness. A huge role in this is played by the so-called “Heart Space”, through which you will learn to recognize the unconscious dynamics that govern your life and the people you work with and how to release them.


My intention is to pass on the techniques and knowledge I have gained, practiced and developed over the past years. I want to support humanity in the process of connecting with the truth about themselves, freeing themselves from suffering and gaining insight, clarity and freedom in their behaviour. I firmly believe that this knowledge should be available to every person who desires change for the better in their lives.


Developing in humanity the values of the heart: COMPASSION, HEALING, VIEW, FREEDOM, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, EQUALITY AND COOPERATION through Healing Academy practitioners.

Who is the Healing Academy for?

Healing Academy will benefit any person who wants to improve their quality of life and learn to develop their social and therapeutic skills.

Professionally, it will help psychotherapists, mental health workers, or health professionals. It will benefit naturotherapists, fitness trainers, addiction therapists, educators, Traditional healers, plant medicine shamans, yoga and meditation teachers, spiritual teachers, those interested in personal development, and those working with groups of diverse demographics, economics, gender, and lifestyles.

About Paulina Kulikowska

Paulina is a holistic therapist with over 10 years of experience in therapeutic work. She is an MA in Clinical Psychology, a certified yoga teacher (600hr Accredited Yoga Alliance and 200hr Kuundalini Training) and a SPA&Wellness Therapist.

Her practice integrates Eastern and Western knowledge, which she uses to explain complex esoteric concepts in an accessible way. Having studied with teachers from around the world, she has worked with a wide range of tools (from power plants, yoga, psychology and biomorphic field work) to create a method that integrates the most effective techniques for awakening and release.

She leads meditations, workshops, ceremonies and works 1-on-1 as a holistic therapist, using a wide range of tools including touch and energy work. She places great emphasis on working with the body and releasing through the body.